We sell the following accessories:


Concrete drill


SDS plus, SDS max, etc.



SDS plus, SDS max, etc.

Diamond disks


from Ø115mm to Ø700mm

Cutting and grinding wheels


from Ø115mm to 400mm

wire brushes



Drill chucks



Sanding and polishing paper:



  • sand parquet

  • sand corners

  • sand belt

  • sand excenter

Circular saw blades


from Ø115mm to 400mm

Chainsaws chains



Chainsaws tools


Chain and star wheels


Lawn mower knife and knife holder



dsc 0268   dsc 0269
dsc 0270   dsc 0272
 dsc 0273    dsc 0275
dsc 0276   dsc 0277
dsc 0278   dsc 0306
 dsc 0307    dsc 0330
dsc 0331   dsc 0332
dsc 0323    


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